Cannabis Inspired Mother's Day Brunch

Cannabis Inspired Mother's Day Brunch

Planning Mother’s Day brunch for a Cannamom? As satisfying as rolling the perfect joint, or packing a bowl can be, sometimes having non smoke related ways to consume means you can relax at the table with everyone.  

Here are 5 ways to serve cannabis while skipping the smoke this Mother’s Day Brunch: 

Saka Spark MIMOSA combines premium, alcohol-removed sparkling Chardonnay with a Mimosa Strain-specific live resin emulsion and natural essence of orange blossom and tangerine. 

Sourced from California’s cool, coastal vineyards, Saka Spark is unlike any infused beverage available today – an elegant and refreshing twist on a classic. 

CANN cannbis infused selzters on table scape in three different flavours, surrounded by cocktail glasses, ice, cut fruit, and a festive atmosphere

With delicious flavors like Lemon Lavendar, Grapefruit Rosemary, stronger Hi-Boy options in Blood Cardamom, lite options that are sugar-free, and even Unspiked to let others partake, CANN has a wide selection of seltzers you can pour over ice to enjoy. If you are unsure about which flavor to start with, you can grab a mix packs.  

Creamy coffee topped with whipping cream and caramel sauce in a clear cup, on a table with spilled coffee beans, paper straws, and sugar

Make a decadent coffee to kick off her day. Using an infused chocolate, like Coffee & Doughnuts chocolate bar by CODA, all you need to do is brew her favorite bean, drop a square into the bottom and pour the steaming joe on top. Give it a good mix to infuse the coffee and top with extras like whipped cream and caramel.

Box of tea close up on a yellow surface on the left, and on the right a woman with long white hair, red rimmed glasses, and a bright patterned suite holding several boxes of the same tea pictured on the left. 

Serve High Tea at the table. Tea is a simple way to include cannabis and allows the adults at the table to adjust to their preference. All you need is hot water and tea. We recommend you check out Kikoko, a botanical wellness company founded in 2015 Jennifer Chapin and Amanda Jones for a friend with cancer. They have a wide variety of doses and options, including CBD dominant products.

 Short stubby glass bottle of cold brew coffee with a label that reads "relax it is legal) next to a highball glass filled with iced coffee and cream, all on a dark wood surface.

A modern wake and bake option, cold brew coffee. Mirth Provisions stood out as a brand you can leave out at brunch. You can sip directly from the fun stubby bottle or pour over ice with a splash of cream. 

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