Design Feature: High Tech Stash Case by Trova

Design Feature: High Tech Stash Case by Trova

Trova impressed us with their thoughtful and state of art biometric security the moment we came across their social media last year. We tested the Trova Go and are huge fans of the functional and beautiful design applied to the portable case. At first glance, it may not be clear what the product is used for, a sleek minimal surface with a single button gives little clue to what may lie inside.  

Founders Scott and Jonell reimagined what locking away your personal rituals could look like. Working with design agency Aruliden, the final product is durable and discrete. Created using aluminum die forging, CNC machining, and an anodization process resulting in a portable safe. A silicone seal helps hide odours, for those that like to pack fresh cannabis.  


Inside the device houses a money strap, ring clip, and optional medication case. Making it versatile and perfect for housing any small and precious item.  

Trova uses biometric security native to your phone and bluetooth to provide simple one button access. The case also has a “never lost” feature, using the app you will be able to see the last known location of the case.  

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