Two good to be true: Meet Malua

Two good to be true: Meet Malua

BRNT has created elegant cannabis accessories, from our Hexagon bong, our Yaketa rolling tray, our Briq ashtray, and our Faro pipe. But the gap in our line has always been storage: what do you do with your cannabis when you aren’t actively consuming it?

Introducing Malua.

The discrete design allows this storage solution to blend effortlessly into your life, and its durable concrete construction helps it stay there. Underneath the pure walnut wood lid, which helps to seal the smell inside the container, you will find a dual-compartment system that expands your storage opportunities. You could store two strains in the same Malua,  keeping them distinct and separate,  or you could keep some buds on one side, and some ready-rolled joints on the other. The possibilities are endless!

You can purchase the Malua on our website. Click here to check it out.

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