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Veil Odor Spray

Veil Odor Spray

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 Our team has been using Veil and loving the thoughtfully-mixed essential oil fragrance. A clean, mature scent, formulated to spritz while you consume or want to freshen up your space. 

Veil was specifically formulated to neutralize cannabis smoke odor while using non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients.

Scent: Sweet Orange, Cracked Black Pepper, and Virginia Cedar

Features: Non-toxic and eco-friendly spray


OG 8oz (2,500 sprays), perfect for your home. 

Mini OG 2oz (6,500 sprays) TSA-approved, pocket-friendly, and travel-sized 




    How much Veil should I spray?

    It depends on how (and how much) you’re indulging. We recommend that you spray liberally; 2-3 spritzes for each hit taken is a good place to start.

    In general, the more you spray, the more effective Veil will be. Veil’s fragrance doesn’t linger, so don’t worry about overdoing it.

    Can I spray Veil on fabric?

    Absolutely! It shouldn’t stain or harm your fabric in any way — just make it smell better.

    Does Veil work on other odors beyond cannabis smoke?

    The formula was specifically formulated to eliminate cannabis smoke odor, but it’s been proven to work on a wide array of malodors.

    How does Veil actually work?

    Veil utilizes a unique cationic surfactant that neutralizes the odor released when burning cannabis terpenes. It does this by complexing specific molecules and reducing their concentration. In layman's terms: Veil alters the molecules so much that you can no longer smell them.

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