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Hexagon, Gold

Hexagon, Gold

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The trophy piece you have been looking for. Containing actual Gold, we used an overglaze that is typically applied to accent or highlight ceramic wares or jewelry. 

This precious metal bong has a brilliance unlike anything we have produced and was designed with the Collector in mind.


  • Stain-resistant
  • Real gold is used in the glaze to create a mirror-like finish
  • Diffusing downstem filters smoke for smoother use 

How to use

The Hexagon is surprisingly simple. Insert the downstem and glass bowl. Pour cold water in the hexagon. Fill the bowl with as much flower as you’d like. As you light the flower, breathe in. Burn as much flower as desired and remove the glass bowl by pulling up on the tab. Breathe in the smoke. 

Fine Details

Dimensions Overall: 

  • 86.6 mm width | 3.41 inches 
  • 242 mm height 9.53 inches 

Materials: Ceramic and glass  

Accessories includedOne 8/14mm Glass Downstem with Silicone Seal and a 14mm Glass Bowl.

Cleaning instructions

Much like your Grandma’s Gold-rimmed teacups, this bong is meant for special occasions. The Gold Hexagon uses real gold in the glaze and can only be hand-washed with warm dish soap. It cannot be placed in the dishwasher or freezer like our original glazes. Do not use alcohol to clean.  

How to clean: 

  • Fill sink with warm water 
  • Add a couple drops of dish soap 
  • Clean bong with soft sponge, do not use rough or abrassive cleaning supplies 
  • Rinse with warm water 
  • To remove fingerprints buff with included jewelry cloth 
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