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Hexagon, Peach Haze

Hexagon, Peach Haze

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Don’t let the name fool you, as laid back as this glaze looks, it took a lot of hands-on work to achieve the gradients and textured touches you will see on your ceramic Hexagon bong. This two-tone glaze means each bong has variations and your bong will be unique to you.

Photos are representative of the collection due to the nature of the glaze. Please allow for variation, making each bong unique.



  • Stain-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Diffusing downstem filters smoke for smoother use 

How to use

The Hexagon is surprisingly simple. Insert the downstem and glass bowl. Pour cold water in the hexagon. Fill the bowl with as much flower as you’d like. As you light the flower, breathe in. Burn as much flower as desired and remove the glass bowl by pulling up on the tab. Breathe in the smoke. 

Fine Details

Dimensions Overall: 

  • 86.6 mm width | 3.41 inches 
  • 242 mm height 9.53 inches 

Materials: Ceramic and glass  

Accessories includedOne 8/14mm Glass Downstem with Silicone Seal and a 14mm Glass Bowl.

Cleaning instructions

Drain water and remove the downstem before placing the ceramic body in the lower rack of the dishwasher. You can also clean the Hexagon with isopropyl alcohol and/or hot water and soap. The glass can also be cleaned with iso and soap.
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