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Malua’s sleek, yet discreet container means you don’t have to keep it in the dark. Building on the signature Hexagon shape, the Malua epitomizes perfection in form and function. Whether you’re reaching for Sativa or Indica, Malua makes organizing and storing each of your strains effortless with its split-storage system and airtight seal.


  • Dual storage compartments
  • Walnut lid with an airtight seal
  • Built-in markings to track strains

Fine Details


  • Interior compartment 60mm width | 2.35 inches
  • 70mm height without lid | 2.75 inches

Materials: Sealed concrete and Walnut

Cleaning Instructions

Always make sure your Malua is completely dry before placing any flower into it. The Malua can be cleaned with hot water and soap as well as small amounts of isopropyl alcohol. 

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